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Version: 2.42
Release date: 27.12.2010
Application: sdc242-32.exe sdc242-64.exe sdc242-32.7z sdc242-64.7z
Source code: SVN

  • DC++ 0.777 core synchronization
  • added automatic incoming connection type detection
  • stability fixes
  • added option to disable Explorer theming in listviews and treeviews
  • hopefully fixed throttling with very large speeds
  • DHT fixes
  • updated internal libraries (OpenSSL, BZip2, ZLIB, boost) - fixes some security issues
  • removed STLPort dependency
  • performance tweaks
  • added support to set favorite hub encoding
  • DC++ emulation is off by default (for non-favorite hubs)
  • webserver encoding changed to utf-8
  • webserver session timeout changed to 10 minutes
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